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Clays, Singing And happiness.

My beautiful daughter has strived for years to find something she’s really good at, she gets disheartened when she finds things tough, having Aspergers sometimes when she was younger we would find that if she “thinks” she can do something then she doesn’t realise she needs to learn.  We realised this when she “thought” she could swim and promptly jumped in the pool and thought she could horse ride but was then really scared.

Well she’s found 2 things!  I couldn’t be prouder of her.

She’s a fabulous singer but lacks confidence we are working on this and she’s now having regular lessons at school, my hope is that one day she will sing in public.   One day I convinced her to pop to the local church and sing inside it.  She sang and let me record her.

Most recently she has started clay pigeon shooting. We took her to Hadfield Guns at Loughborough  where we met Alan, Lizzi spotted a 28 gauge Kofs gun which she felt was the right weight and size for her. Alan spent time with her making su…

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