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Ostriches and Arthurs.

Why does it?  I like many other people work everyday in pain, I try desperately hard to try to not show it, nothing will keep me from doing what I love and  honestly do believe that working hard and doing what I do makes me a healthier person..  I'm STRONGER than my new friend Arthur! Here's part of my story.

I've had a painful shoulder on and off for about 10 years, getting worse then improving to a point I could almost forget about it. Over the years I had numerous diagnosis's for it, but they were never correct, trapped nerve, costochondritis (18 months and it will be better) to name but a few, but they never really fit. After a particularly painful episode I ended up at the physio in Ashby in tears asking for help, I couldn't even change gear in my car! he wrote to the GP asking for a referral, they took xrays and finally 4 years ago they diagnosed Osteoarthritis in my sternoclavicular joint (the end of the collarbone closest to the breast bone). I've had …