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My girls

Over the years I've worked in a few different salons, and at different events,  I've gained a tremendous amount of experience on the salon floor, working with colleagues, and different styles of management, some good and some not so good. 

The result being I try to look after my colleagues and clients all of the time. I worry and whittle about them like they are my own family.... Continuously..... Whether they have been at Tip Top Hair Design for a month or for years,   I take the salon atmosphere very seriously. 

Photos by Fiona Millington Photography

This is the  result of my determination to have a friendly happy salon and place to work, I think it shows in how our team work together and I really believe our clients sense this, how well we all get on is commented on often by our customers, we have so much fun together. We listen.  I offer an open door policy with my girls, they  know that they can talk to me any day any time about anything, I try to listen, help and unders…

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Prepare for Christmas Day

Today was the day, the day I had to tackle the dinning room.

I love having everyone christmas, I love feeling part of a big loving family, I love the cooking.

Christmas 2014
The bit that doesn't fill me with joy is changing the playroom, laundry room dumping room back into my sophisticated dinning room.  Today I did it,  I tried last week, and it ended in disaster, moving the sofa around to fit in the table ect. I managed to rip off an electric socket of the wall.  So I gave up.

Today I have humped a sofa up the stairs, dragged cupboards and battled spiders in the shed!

The room is now empty. (The garden table the only one big enough to fit us all around has to wait until it's a dry day.

2 trees are up, though my husband was moaning that we haven't got a real tree.  Pffft.

This year we are hopefully going to have the biggest family Christmas we have ever had and I can not wait. I know that I have a definite 9 coming for dinner but could have  up to…

Work for Tip Top Hair Design

Tip Top Hair Design

Apprentice Hairdresser salon assistant graduate stylist  November 2015  Join our Team. Are you friendly, conscientious and enthusiastic  About all things hair!  Then we are the salon for you. With a team of stylists wanting to help you achieve the highest standards in hairdressing and customer Service.
Duties to include  Helping with the general running of the salon and looking after clients needs. Reception,  Training will be given on a weekly basis, from a discussed date.

Salon assistant graduate stylist, to take on role above and of junior Stylist, would suit newly qualified or returner to craft and should be qualified to NVQ level 2 
  looking to gain salon experience  and on going training 
in great friendly team 
Send Cv to

Acrylic/Gel Nail Technician Tip Top Hair Design are looking to recruit part time/rent a chair  Qualified Nail Technician who is confident in nail enhancements and nail art. must have great customer service skill,…

Guilty Guilty Guilty

Guilty Guilty Guilty Mums moms and mummy's Why is we feel guilty in everything we do. I love the school holidays it's currently October half term for Leicestershire and I'm having a few quiets days at home with my daughter, she's been full of cold and a little under the weather so we've not gone far, we've watched films together and snuggled on the sofa under duvets and it's been bliss.  
But I feel guilty,  guilty for not being at work, guilty for not going out, guilty for not leaving her on the sofa and cleaning, guilty for not making her walk to school, guilty for making her walk! Guilty for getting childcare while I'm working.
The cleaning can keep a little while. When I feel guilty about it I think of this poem

Song for a Fifth Child

by Ruth Hulburt Hamilton

Mother, oh Mother, come shake out your cloth,
Empty the dustpan, poison the moth,
Hang out the washing and butter the bread,
Sew on a button and make up a bed.

Where is the mother whose house is so sho…

Local is Best

Why Use Local? Why? Where ever possible I try my hardest to use local businesses, this is because the companies I use have the personal touch, the feeling of being really understood,  like they know me,  my business and what it all means to me.

I work really hard for my salon and that's because I put my heart and soul into it each and every day. Probably most nights too! I like to use companies that feel that way too.
Who I'd recommend. Sence Accounting Sence accounting have been amazing for me, they haven't saved me colossal amounts of money, though they have a little, or turned me into a fabulous booked keeper, I am one of those annoying carrier bag clients (sorry jane). What they have done is understood me, my business and even my family life.  They've taken away my fear of accountants and it was a huge from having a bad experience  somewhere else. I used to shake before going to see them. My fear of sounding stupid when I tell them I don't understand somethin…

The Dream Team

The Dream Team Tip Top Hair Design is now just over 11 years old, and I couldn't be happier with the salon and my new team.  We have just undergone a salon extension and refurbishment, creating a much larger working area with 4 additional styling spaces, this coincides with us taking on 2 new members of staff as we are busy busy busy.
We are also currently looking into employing or renting a chair to a nail technician.

September saw us welcome to the team Kirsty as Part Time stylist and Ellasie our Salon Assistant and Graduate Stylist. They are both assets to the team, Kirsty being almost fully booked in her first weeks in the salon.

I'm the salon owner and director, with a wealth of industry experience. I love colouring cutting and dressing long hair and love nothing more than being involved in photo shoots, whether in a contemporary style or vintage inspired.

 I  never stop thinking about my team members and clients, client care and good customer service are of highe…

Goodwood and Friends

Goodwood RevivalOver the Roadwith Vintage Hair Lounge This weekend I was lucky enough to be at the Goodwood Revival a fantastic vintage car racing extravaganza near Chichester, I was working there as part of  Besame Cosmetics at Vintage Hair lounge. 
Working as part of a BIG team of hairdressers for Sharon and Gloria who own Vintage Hair Lounge and taught us all vintage hairdressing. There were 10 Hairdressers and 4 makeup artists plus Gloria and Sharon, and 2 photographers Paul and Scott, and 4 models Agent Carter inspired  Raven as seen on the big pull up banner,  Hannah, Scarlett and Kiki not forgetting Bryce the "welcome aboard" receptionist for the 3 days and Kate Saturdays receptionist.

Emelya, Fanny, Una, Miriam Una, Hannah, Lisa, Melanie Norina, Melanie, Paul, Jacqui, Scott Honey B'zar, Scarlet Lux, Bryce
Kim, Lisa, Hannah, Emelya Una, Jacqui
Paul, Hannah, Sharon, Kiki, Raven, Scot, Scarlet
Fanny, Miriam, Joy

Hannah, Una, Norina Lorna, Melissa


Ostriches and Arthurs.

Why does it?  I like many other people work everyday in pain, I try desperately hard to try to not show it, nothing will keep me from doing what I love and  honestly do believe that working hard and doing what I do makes me a healthier person..  I'm STRONGER than my new friend Arthur! Here's part of my story.

I've had a painful shoulder on and off for about 10 years, getting worse then improving to a point I could almost forget about it. Over the years I had numerous diagnosis's for it, but they were never correct, trapped nerve, costochondritis (18 months and it will be better) to name but a few, but they never really fit. After a particularly painful episode I ended up at the physio in Ashby in tears asking for help, I couldn't even change gear in my car! he wrote to the GP asking for a referral, they took xrays and finally 4 years ago they diagnosed Osteoarthritis in my sternoclavicular joint (the end of the collarbone closest to the breast bone). I've had …

Portraits, Pictures, Photos

Portraits, Pictures, Photos Part of my job that I love is the working on Photo-shoots, I have worked with a number of photographers over the last few years, these have included working on a shoot with Jaguar at Goodwood Revival to Vintage Inspired sessions and boudoir shoots, I've loved them all equally.

Session work gives me a real buzz I love meeting the models working on the brief and being part of something that creates either a finished portrait, product shoot or an images that tells a story.
It's Brilliant!
 At Tip Top Hair Design we are available for session styling in salon and across the UK. Please contact us with your requirements and we'd be happy to help! We also can recommend a number of photographers' 01332 862740


I even got to star in my very own photo-shoot with Steve Bond Images  Aimee my senior stylist styled my hair for this shoot.
Corsets and skirts By Honey Bee Corsets.
Models are Aimee from Tip Top Hair Design Helen…