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Portraits, Pictures, Photos

Portraits, Pictures, Photos

Part of my job that I love is the working on Photo-shoots, I have worked with a number of photographers over the last few years, these have included working on a shoot with Jaguar at Goodwood Revival to Vintage Inspired sessions and boudoir shoots, I've loved them all equally.

Session work gives me a real buzz I love meeting the models working on the brief and being part of something that creates either a finished portrait, product shoot or an images that tells a story.
It's Brilliant!

At Tip Top Hair Design we are available for session styling in salon and across the UK. Please contact us with your requirements and we'd be happy to help! We also can recommend a number of photographers'
01332 862740


I even got to star in my very own photo-shoot with Steve Bond Images
 Aimee my senior stylist styled my hair for this shoot.

Corsets and skirts By Honey Bee Corsets.

Models are Aimee from Tip Top Hair Design
All Above images are subject to Copyright Steve Bond Images

Models are Steph and Phoebe ?
Jaguar Images Copyright Matt Sills Photographer
The Above 3 images are subject to  Copyright Kevin Heap
At Tip Top Hair Design we are available for session styling in salon and across the UK please contact us with your requirements and we'd be happy to help! We also can recommend a number of photographers'
01332 862740


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It’s Official

Today was the day we met with Camhs for the follow up appointment with Elizabeth. We officially have a daughter diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder, Aspergers. 15 months after we started our journey.

I’d had a meeting with them a couple of weeks ago so I did know the diagnosis already, but I’d asked that they talk to her with me as she is completely in denial about it all, and thinks it is in my head. If I’m truly honest getting the official diagnosis hit me hard, although I’ve thought it for years being told it for absolutely sure was upsetting.  I truly hope at some point she realises that the whole process we’ve gone through is out of love for her, wanting to help other people understand her and at times our family dynamics. Why she behaves as she does in certain situations and why I react in certain situations that may seem harsh or bossy, or nit picking. Generally at these times I can see something brewing and I’m trying to get on top of her reactions or behaviour before i…

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My daughter.  13years old and Perfect. 
Quirky, beautiful, caring, loyal, nervous, friendly, lonely, loving, unusual, thoughtful. PERFECT. 
I've always described my daughter as quirky, or her actions as a lizzisms. 
The start of our journey. Lizzi had some unusual behaviour at infant school,  when she was about 5 years old, she rocked constantly on her chair "went off into her special place" unfortunately we didn't have a very knowledgeable teacher, she wanted to refer to camhs but made it sound as though we were in trouble, and to be honest we panicked. She said some things that shocked me and we moved her school.

Fast forward a few years to the last year of primary school where Lizzi anxieties started to manifest, particularly with bus journeys.  The first major problem was the school residential trip which she was really looking forward to. But a few days before she started getting very upset about the upcoming bus ride.  A few children had mentioned to …

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Our continued journey 
After our psychiatric  appointment I was feeling quite positive things were moving forward and we were getting answers. I thought we'd get the support at school we needed but that wasn't to be the case, our psychiatrist wanted the school to refer her for cognitive psychometric testing however funding was an issue. So Dr Balal referred her himself.  
School This coincided with a particularly touch time at school, there was a number of bullying instances before half term with a few different children and I felt Lizzi was retreating into herself, she was quiet, more anxious, more highly strung and I was worried.  After half term I struggled again with getting her into school. 
We had been thinking of moving her to  Manor House School  for her GCSEs, an independent private school where their ethos is 'unlocking potential.  My husband my sister and I talked to Lizzi about the possibility of moving schools for this, she was so cross! I believe this was do…