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Combining and Almost a Family Holiday

My Daughter, Niece and Dad have just had a lovely 10 days away, we towed my Dads caravan to the lovely seaside campsite of Penrhyn Bay on Angleseys North Coast.  I thought is was perfect beautiful coast location, clean facilities, swimming pool and plenty of space for the children to play. It was also seconds from a glorious sandy beach.

We had some lovely days out around Angelsey too, The children were desperate to go to Foel Farm Park on the Menai Straight somewhere they remember going to 3 years earlier and loved.

We had a fabulous day to South Stack the remote Light house on the North East side of Holyhead we've been a few times before but this time made more special by having the privilege of seeing a Rossi Dolphin and her calf. No pictures I'm afraid I was too busy watching them.

The start of the holiday was overshadowed by high winds which were a little concerning being on the seafront but we put the storm straps on (all 5 of them) and a wind break we then tucked our…

Photoshoot part 3

This blog has been verified by Rise: R009655b1fc76851a64931829dfaf6c41 Day 2 This blog has been verified by Rise: R009655b1fc76851a64931829dfaf6c41 On day 2 of the Christmas/new year  shoot we were joined in the morning by Marine a Columbian Britsh model and dancer, we wanted to create a variety of day casual looks that can be recreated at home, then finishing off with a elaborate hair up. Marines modelling page can be found here.

Images are by  Steve Bond Images

Photoshoot part 2

The Photo shoot we took part in at Christmas was a marathon one lasting 2 days,  here are a selection of images with Helen from Lovebirds Vintage modelling. Katie from Katie Morley Makeup Artist did an amazing job on makeup, and any hats used were from Natty Titfers Millinery .

These fabulous Images were taken by  Steve Bond Images  Subject to ©

My baby is growing up

Well this week I  realised my little girls definetly growing up.  She 11years old, nearly 12 and is a cocoon or raging hormones.

Her emotions are like a huge swing boat, going from angelic little girl to screaming 'you don't understand' banshee. Check out my previous post Junior Jekyll and Hyde here .

I realised that her hair continually needs washing at moment, that prompted me to purchasing her first
'Ladies things' *Miranda Style*' just incase she's not at home, or I'm not at home when the inevitable happens.

The other day she surprised me with her confidence in walking into town to spend her pocket money. She came home with a huge smile on her face, she'd been into New Look and bought herself 2 new bras,  she took them into the changing room, tried them on to check they were the correct size. Then bought them.  I could never has done that at 11years old, I would have been far to embarrassed.

We have decided that she now needs more responsibilit…

Junior Jekyll and Hyde

My beautiful gorgeous daughter, she's my best friend and we have some  fabulous days out with her.   She loves going out for dinner and is great company, she holds conversation beautifully, talking and chatting with anyone.  In fact her nickname is Elizababble. 
She will help with household chores, loading the dishwasher and hoovering the stairs, she is my Angel.  And then....  Hyde appears! 
She changes person every time she enters the room!  One moment she is hugging me, telling me she loves me, the next. Wham,  she's shouting and stamping her feet, storming up stairs, slamming doors, hiding!  I'm never sure who it is I'm going to get. I'm sure I was NEVER like that, though I think my parents will disagree.

My Daughter is an only child, she has 2 very close cousins that we see regularly and although they are argumentative with each other, I think they treat each other as sisters, squabbling and making up is a daily occurrence. 
I love my daughter uncondit…

Angels Trip Out.

Angels, Laughs Photos

Yesterday we were lucky enough as a team to go over to Fiona Millington Photography's Studio in Coalville. With a recent change in staff we needed new images for the website and social media pages facebook and Twitter.

Fiona was remained professional during our shoot as we have a tendency to get louder and louder when having a laugh.  And we certainly did!

What I realised as we were having this set of photos together was how well we truly get on, we have a fantastic team, we are comfortable with each other, it's now perfect'

I can't wait to see the other images,  we had individual shots and group ones, I think the outtakes will be funny too! Fiona then asked Kirsty and Aimee to model a couple of evening dresses for her to help increase her portfolio. So I'm looking forward to seeing them too.

I'll leave you with a few of the more sensible ones, for now.

Thanks for reading. X

Photoshoots and behind the scenes.

I love what I do.  Over Christmas I was lucky enough to be involved in 2 photoshoots, one with Fiona Millington Photography  and the other with Steve Bond Images .
I love the variety of working on photoshoots, helping to create the look, then observing and tweaking throughout the shoot to see the best possible results. Whether it's a portrait shoot where I am helping the client feel amazing about themselves or a product or beauty shoot, I love them all. 

The above images are part of the shoot I was involved in with Fiona Millington Photography
We aimed to create a natural carefree look and I think you'll agree the photos are beautiful. The Clients looked relaxed in front of the camera.

This was followed by a 2 day shoot with Steve Bond Images the object of this was the create hairstyles and different looks to advertise my salon Tip Top Hair Design and some of the Make up that we sell. We had 2 fabulous models Helen from Lovebirds Vintage that we have used before and Marine Zel…