Junior Jekyll and Hyde


My beautiful gorgeous daughter, she's my best friend and we have some  fabulous days out with her.   She loves going out for dinner and is great company, she holds conversation beautifully, talking and chatting with anyone.  In fact her nickname is Elizababble. 

She will help with household chores, loading the dishwasher and hoovering the stairs, she is my Angel. 

And then.... 

Hyde appears! 

She changes person every time she enters the room!  One moment she is hugging me, telling me she loves me, the next. Wham,  she's shouting and stamping her feet, storming up stairs, slamming doors, hiding!  I'm never sure who it is I'm going to get. I'm sure I was NEVER like that, though I think my parents will disagree.

My Daughter is an only child, she has 2 very close cousins that we see regularly and although they are argumentative with each other, I think they treat each other as sisters, squabbling and making up is a daily occurrence. 

I love my daughter unconditionally she's an amazing child, I know that 11 nearly 12 is not an age I'd like to revisit, ever, it's so tough,  she's a cocoon of raging hormones.  I wonder how long it will last.



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