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Resolutions and reflections

New Years Day

I've had a fabulous Christmas spent with family and friends all be it full of cold. New Years Eve came and went for me as I was not feeling particularly well, so we watched Mrs Brown d'movie and saw in the new year tucked up in bed.  

2015 has been a great year and I had some amazing times with family friends and work colleagues, from day trips out to London 

 To family holidays in France. 

Working holidays to Vintage Nostalgia and Goodwood Revival, 

Staff outing...

And family Christmas

I've have had brilliant times in the salon and difficult times with members of staff leaving. But feel we have turned a corner and the salon is going from strength to strength.

Throughout the day I have seen many posts on facebook and Twitter about resolutions for the forthcoming year,  and I've been thinking about what my resolutions will be... 

To be healthier.... Yes I will try, one of my biggest problems Is I love food. I love to cook, so I will try to cook better food. 

To exercise more... Yes I will try, I'm going to walk more. 

To be Happier..... Yes I will try, but to be honest I've had a fabulous 2015 and it's going to hard to be happier than I have been this year, so I will try to be as happy as I been last year. 

Do I think these resolutions will make 2016 any better  Probably not. But I'm going to spend more time with my family and laugh more. Laugh at myself more I can be a little serious, I'm not going to worry to much about my weight, I know the reasons for this and I'm ok with it. 

I am going to make more memories for 2016 

Happy New Year 


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