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The Dream Team

The Dream Team

Tip Top Hair Design is now just over 11 years old, and I couldn't be happier with the salon and my new team.  We have just undergone a salon extension and refurbishment, creating a much larger working area with 4 additional styling spaces, this coincides with us taking on 2 new members of staff as we are busy busy busy.
We are also currently looking into employing or renting a chair to a nail technician.

September saw us welcome to the team Kirsty as Part Time stylist and Ellasie our Salon Assistant and Graduate Stylist. They are both assets to the team, Kirsty being almost fully booked in her first weeks in the salon.


I'm the salon owner and director, with a wealth of industry experience. I love colouring cutting and dressing long hair and love nothing more than being involved in photo shoots, whether in a contemporary style or vintage inspired.

 I  never stop thinking about my team members and clients, client care and good customer service are of highest importance to me. We will always put our clients needs first, if its within our abilities to help, we will.


Aimee has been at the salon since 2012 and has 5 years hairdressing experience, she first joined us  as a junior stylist then stylist and now Senior stylist and manageress. Hairdressing is something she always wanted to do and continues to  love doing, she loves creating  wedding and prom styles especially.

Aimee girly girl and loves  PINK! she is creative and cheerful with a loud personality she is a hit with everyone.  Aimee spent the first 9 years of her  life in Africa then moved to Leicestershire with her parents and brother and now live in the Ashby area.


Ruth is our very talented Senior Stylist and has been a member of the team since January 2013, with a flare for creative colour and cutting Ruth also brings to the Angels Hair Tattoo and Pattern work.

Ruth loves being in the salon and is looking to increase her hours taking on an extra late night to fit in all her lovely ladies and gents.

She  never fails to make us smile and has a brilliant sense of Humour, she is a very valued member of our team.


 Kirsty Brooks is one of our new team members  and has joined us as Stylist. Having completed her NVQ2 and almost finished level 3 in Hairdressing Kirsty is looking forward to being part of The Tip Top Angels She has a lots  of experience in ladies hairdressing and loves cutting in particular.

 Kirsty has lived and worked locally throughout her career and is looking forward to welcoming new and existing clients to the salon.


Ellasie Holmes has  joined Tip Top Hair Design Ashby as a Salon Assistant and Graduate Stylist, she has just completed her NVQ2 in hairdressing is now progressing into her level 3VRQ and is looking forward to working on the salon floor, learning new skills and being part of the team. Ellasie is a key member of our team helping the salon to run smoothly and efficiently.


I couldn't be prouder of  each and every member of  The Tip Top Angels, whether they work a few hours or full time, they all have a huge roll to play in Tip Top Hair Design, together  we have created a fantastic salon, with a great atmosphere, using up to date techniques, we are situated in the most lovely setting of The Ferrers Centre Staunton Harold minutes from Ashby de la Zouch.

We look after all our customers the only way we know how, the best way! and we look after each other too.




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