Ostriches and Arthurs.

Why does it?

 I like many other people work everyday in pain, I try desperately hard to try to not show it, nothing will keep me from doing what I love and  honestly do believe that working hard and doing what I do makes me a healthier person..  I'm STRONGER than my new friend Arthur! Here's part of my story.

I've had a painful shoulder on and off for about 10 years, getting worse then improving to a point I could almost forget about it. Over the years I had numerous diagnosis's for it, but they were never correct, trapped nerve, costochondritis (18 months and it will be better) to name but a few, but they never really fit. After a particularly painful episode I ended up at the physio in Ashby in tears asking for help, I couldn't even change gear in my car! he wrote to the GP asking for a referral, they took xrays and finally 4 years ago they diagnosed Osteoarthritis in my sternoclavicular joint (the end of the collarbone closest to the breast bone). I've had numerous injections into the joint, but the best thing I have found is Acupuncture.

I asked the consultant whether other pain in my body would be the same thing, so he sent me for more tests, I have subsequently 2 years later been diagnosed with degenerative discs in my neck and Psoriatic Arthritis in my feet and knees, this is a form of arthritis related to psoriasis, currently my most painful area is my left foot! once I've sat down for a while walking on it is extremely painful,  I look ridiculous when getting out of the car after a long day! hobble hobble.

I'm 36 years old, arthritis is something my gran would have, not me, I'm young, I work really really hard. I love my job and thankfully I actually feel worse if I'm not working, this is because it keeps me moving.

On to my husband, where do I start, I don't think he gets it, he grew up with a father that had terrible arthritis in his knees, so you'd think he'd understand how I feel a little....... errr no. I try not to say what hurts to much, its always there to some extend somewhere in my body so going on about it isn't going to change it, but sometimes he needs to know I'm not fine, but when I say "blimey my feet are hurting tonight" or my shoulder his reply is always "why does it"..... I think he is an ostrich with his  head in the sand.

Maybe its because he doesn't like to think of me hurting, so he shuts it out, or he's just so wrapped up in his work he genuinely forgets...or maybe he thinks I'm to young for arthritis, who knows. I LOVE my husband to the moon a back, one day I believe he will understand even if its not now.


  1. I understand this totally. Keep on swimming tho! Well not if it hurts of course ;) my official diagnosis : myofascial trigger point syndrome. My interpretation? Oh bugger shoulder n k knee hurt!


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