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Goodwood and Friends

Goodwood Revival

Over the Road


Vintage Hair Lounge

This weekend I was lucky enough to be at the Goodwood Revival a fantastic vintage car racing extravaganza near Chichester, I was working there as part of  Besame Cosmetics at Vintage Hair lounge.

Working as part of a BIG team of hairdressers for Sharon and Gloria who own Vintage Hair Lounge and taught us all vintage hairdressing. There were 10 Hairdressers and 4 makeup artists plus Gloria and Sharon, and 2 photographers Paul and Scott, and 4 models Agent Carter inspired  Raven as seen on the big pull up banner,  Hannah, Scarlett and Kiki not forgetting Bryce the "welcome aboard" receptionist for the 3 days and Kate Saturdays receptionist.

Emelya, Fanny, Una, Miriam
Una, Hannah, Lisa, Melanie
Norina, Melanie, Paul, Jacqui, Scott
Honey B'zar, Scarlet Lux, Bryce

Kim, Lisa, Hannah, Emelya
Una, Jacqui

Paul, Hannah, Sharon, Kiki, Raven, Scot, Scarlet

Fanny, Miriam, Joy



Hannah, Una, Norina
Lorna, Melissa

Creating fantastic vintage styles on very glamorous ladies, some of them wearing authentic vintage clothing from tweed suits to second world war nurse uniforms and others in pretty reproductions, all outfits I fell immediately in love with.

Working at an event like this is really hard, we are all passionate about our hairstyling so put our heart and soul into every client. It is probably the most tiring thing I do throughout the year, we work very long days and by the end we are all exhausted, I even had to have a sleep in a service station car park on the way home I was so tired!

 But I Absolutely LOVE IT!

Why I do it? Because I Love it!

 I wouldn't miss it for the world and I truly love the events I do with Sharon and Gloria.
We have all made new good friends and met up with old ones scattered all over the country, from Edinburgh and Glasgow, London, Isle of White and everywhere in between. We have the chance to create outstanding hairstyles on glamorous ladies using techniques that will eventually be lost as they're not taught now in college, if we don't learn them and pass them on to our staff.

We've laughed, cried, ached and giggled, danced, drank copious amounts of coffee, and had business meetings! for me especially I've had a girly holiday with good friends.

Sharon and Gloria thank you so much for having me again!

I'm hoping to get some team photos  that someone took and will add them as soon as possible.

Makeup artists

Fanny Burgos From Fanny Mk Up Artist
Joy of Joy Licious  
Kelly Marie of Semper


Emelya, Lisa, Una, Melanie, Lorna, Melissa, Kim, Hannah, Norina  and Me!


Scott of Scott Chalmers Photography
Paul of Elysium Photography


  1. I enjoyed looking at the stles. You are right they wont be around if someone doesn't keep them alive. Look's like you had a lot of fun. our California cousin, Sandie

  2. That of course should say styles and your cuz. Would be nice to have a vintage salon in California. I have never seen one even though Californians like vintage. I was born in Hollywood and worked when I was younger in Hollywood and now live in N. Ca. You would think in between there, there could be a vintage salon.. Let me know if you know of any.

    1. Will do I'll see what I can find out for you, many thanks for your comments sandie x


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