Jigsaw days at Tip Top Hair Design

Jigsaw Days at Tip Top Hair Design 

Ruth and I started jigsaw days back in August. Over the years we have supported many different charity’s, but this year we decided we wanted to do something ourselves.

Jigsaw Days takes place once every 8weeks on a Sunday when the salon Is normally closed, there are snacks, drinks, sensory toys PEC cards and every child completing their haircut receive a certificate of their achievement.  

Both Ruth and I have children on the autistic spectrum and so we know just how tricky a simple visit to the hair salon can be.  For children on the spectrum it can simply be an overload of sensory issues. Hair falling, unusual noises, odd sensations to name but a few. 

We took inspiration from Jim the Barber from autism barbers assemble who we both follow on Facebook, he is amazing the patience  he has is outstanding. 

We can do that to!  

After January’s Jigsaw Day we received a lovely message from one of our happy customers, here’s what she had to say. 

THIS is what jigsaw days are all about.  

“First of all my apologies for the ridiculously long post I'm about to write...
I can not fully explain (in any fewer words) how wonderful Jacqui and Ruth are with both my son's but particularly with my 11yr old autistic boy. Haircuts have always been a very traumatic experience for him (due to sensory reasons), ever since his first haircut as a toddler. This started as him clinging on to me screaming for dear life and as he got older manifested in numerous meltdowns to even get him to the barbers then he would freeze in fear, becoming non verbal and drooling whilst his hair was being cut. When I found out about the jigsaw days at tip top, I was curious. Hopeful, Yes, but not expecting much. I was wrong. Completely blown away in how Jacqui and Ruth together put him at ease and  managed to cut his hair without any problems. They go above and beyond anything I've known before (and believe me we've tried our share of hairdressers!) They understand. Simple as that. They understand, accommodate and let him lead the haircut. Sammy started off not liking scissors being used, so they managed with just clippers. Ruth constantly sweeps hair away from him, as she knows this completely freaks him out. Without her doing this I wouldn't even get him on/off the chair. He now trusts these two ladies and not only have they helped him get over his fear of scissors he even had his hair washed at the salon today. Sounds like nothing? Any parent with kids on the spectrum will understand... this is major!
I cannot praise Tip Top hair highly enough. They've turned around a very traumatic experience (for my son and myself) into one he actually quite looks forward to... Oh, and his hair looks amazing too. Thankyou. ❤”

Ruth and I are so proud of all the children and parents that are coming to visit us at Tip Top Hair Design And so happy it’s making a difference to everyone that comes to see us. 

If you’d like more information or want to attend the next jigsaw day
Please call 01332 862740 or visit Tip Top Hair Design Here 


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