Clays, Singing And happiness.

My beautiful daughter has strived for years to find something she’s really good at, she gets disheartened when she finds things tough, having Aspergers sometimes when she was younger we would find that if she “thinks” she can do something then she doesn’t realise she needs to learn.  We realised this when she “thought” she could swim and promptly jumped in the pool and thought she could horse ride but was then really scared.

Well she’s found 2 things!  I couldn’t be prouder of her.

She’s a fabulous singer but lacks confidence we are working on this and she’s now having regular lessons at school, my hope is that one day she will sing in public.   One day I convinced her to pop to the local church and sing inside it.  She sang and let me record her.

Most recently she has started clay pigeon shooting. We took her to Hadfield Guns at Loughborough  where we met Alan, Lizzi spotted a 28 gauge Kofs gun which she felt was the right weight and size for her. Alan spent time with her making sure the fit was correct and she was mounting the gun properly. Shooting has always been in her life with my husband being in farming and so when she was old enough and strong enough we took the decision to take her and have a few lessons. Well I’m so happy to say it really suits her. It’s methodical, there is a routine to it where she follows the same process each time. She rigid with rules so this means she’s very safe.  Safety on. Gun broke and the correct times.  She’s learnt all this from her dad,  meaning when she’s had lessons with Joe from Lakeside Sporting at Wymeswold. Let’s face it it’s hard to learn of a member of your family. I booked the time with Joe and explained that Lizzi learns best by demonstrating to her, rather than trying to explain while she’s doing something, luckily Jos said he likes to teach that way and I can honestly say he’s been brilliant, kind, patient, thorough and encouraging. 

Today her second lesson with Joe and the 4th time she’s been out with her gun. She again did really well, she was a little more nervous, but I think that was because her Dad was there watching too. After the lesson we went up onto the traps and had a bit more fun. 


To find Elizabeth something that she enjoys, that she’s good at makes  her Dad and myself so happy. With this she can carry on what she’s doing or can take it to the next level. She can move to game if she wants to, competition clay! Or she can carry on doing what she’s doing, whilst learning to shoot she is learning self control, respect, patience, safety,  etiquette,  how to pace herself and much more.  I really don’t mind  as long as she’s enjoying herself. 

Lizzi has been wearing her shooting shirt and tie for her lessons!  

With regards to shooting and having autism/Aspergers I believe this is a good sport for her, she meeting new people in the club house and talking more openly to the instructor Joe. Chatting to Simon Hadfield who owns the complex and she even wants to go on a days intense Lesson with Mark Winser at Lakside  , this is all good for her socially. The sport is methodical again this is good for her as she find a rhythm in what she’s doing.  Being Autistic doesn’t mean you can’t try different things that are out of the ordinary it just helps dramatically if you do it with someone that is understanding and patient. 

I’d highly recommend Lakeside Sporting LTD to anyone new  or experienced at clay shooting 

We do not have any connection with the businesses other than our daughter and they way we have been looked after. 


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