The Bolt

Cutting visits short and bolting from family and friends before behaviours escalate is something I do regularly, it leaves me feeling sad and lonely, but I worry that if we stay longer that we will start to become unwelcome and excluded.

I don't think that Lizzi's behaviour with cousin in particular but someone's friends can at times be overbearing, bossy controlling and not really thinking whether her actions will hurt someone physically and emotionally. She struggles with others attention over hers when they hurt themselves and is still incredibly emotional when she hurts herself and this can be frustrating.

I think my worst time for this is when I cut visits short with my twin sister or my parents, I spend a lot of time on my own with Lizzi purely because my husband is a hard working farm contractor, this can often leave me on my own until 9-10pm at night, it can be like being a single parent. This means that visiting family keeps me sane on days off.

I'd like to think that it's to do with leaving on a good note, but that really isn't true, because by the time I've decided to make a quick exit it's already started to deteriorate, I do think I'm being over sensitive but a lot of the time I'm on the edge I don't want anyone to be upset,  hurt or cross, huffy or angrey about things she can't help. I try to give her a time warning so she knows we'll be leaving soon

 That being said I know that she can and is a little madam and a monkey I do not expect her not to get told off  for doing things wrong how else is she going to learn.

Lizzi loves messing around with her friends and cousins


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