Changes Galore

Our continued journey 

After our psychiatric  appointment I was feeling quite positive things were moving forward and we were getting answers. I thought we'd get the support at school we needed but that wasn't to be the case, our psychiatrist wanted the school to refer her for cognitive psychometric testing however funding was an issue. So Dr Balal referred her himself.  


This coincided with a particularly touch time at school, there was a number of bullying instances before half term with a few different children and I felt Lizzi was retreating into herself, she was quiet, more anxious, more highly strung and I was worried.  After half term I struggled again with getting her into school. 

We had been thinking of moving her to  Manor House School  for her GCSEs, an independent private school where their ethos is 'unlocking potential.  My husband my sister and I talked to Lizzi about the possibility of moving schools for this, she was so cross! I believe this was down to the idea of change, she didn't sleep for days, but eventually came to me and said she'd been thinking about it and she would like to go for a trial.  I had a meeting on the Monday she had a trial on Tuesday and did an immediate start on the Wednesday giving her 5 weeks there before the summer holiday.  Where she will now complete years 9, 10, and 11. She's been so happy.  Walking to school has improved walking 7 times in 5 weeks is a massive improvement.


                                                            She even went to the prom. 

She been going out with friends shes made and chatting daily with them.  She's happy.  

Manor House has been brilliant for Elizabeth, she has been nurtured encouraged and she has realised she is someone, all in 5 weeks! Long may it continue. 

Cognitive psychometric testing 

During the summer holiday we've been to visit Camhs at Loughborough to see a psychologist for cognitive psychometric testing. She did 3 hours of testing and agrees that Lizzi struggles with social and verbal comprehension and also with Asd and with our input that academically she's where she should be.  Lizzi however does not agree, but I think this stems from not wanting to be though of as different. Though I keep telling her she's not. She utterly blames me for it all.   I've tried to explain to her. I do think it would have been easier had we pursued it when she was younger.  

I hope one day she'll realise I'm doing it for the right reasons. 


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