Farming wife, Farming Widow 

One thing I know is that my daughter  will understand how important it is to work for your living and to enjoy it.

I'm lucky I've alway known what I wanted to do with my life and I've spoken about that in my previous blog post.  But what you may not know is that my husband lives for farming and driving his tractor. He truly loves it. (Sometimes I think more than us) 😊. But he's happy. 

This time of  year is silaging, you may have seen the tractors and trailers around carting cut grass (silage) this can be baled or put in to a big camp. (a big pile and covered leaving it to ferment) which brings out the goodness for the farm animals to eat.  Its hard work 

It's from this time of year I count myself as a farming widow! He goes off to work between 6 - 6:30am and comes home between 9-11pm , to start of with its ok. I get control of the TV! I can visit friends and not worry about cooking tea. I can not lie though I also get lonely, once Lizzi has gone to bed I'm alone. 7 days a week! I don't factor him in 
as being Dad this time of year, there isn't any 
point he is ALWAYS at work.  

I'm not moaning though. I'm so unbelievably proud,  my husband is one of the hardest workers I know.  He will not come home because he tired, he stays until the job is finished, he will help anyone who needs it.  Why? Because he loves every aspect of arable farming. Whether it's hedge cutting.  Ploughing or combining AND My husband is teaching that to our daughter. 

Work hard. Love what you do. And be happy doing it.  


  1. He's currently now combining, between the rain showers,on Saturday night he worked until 3am driving the combine! He'd started at 7am, :)


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