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Tip Top Online,

World Domination, well maybe the UK!

Part of the development of Tip Top Hair Design has been creating the new online shop, I'm thrilled with how this is coming along and it would not have been possible without the very talented Justine and Peter from  Peter Bourne Communications,   Their knowledge,  time and understanding into what I was trying to achieve has helped Tip Top grow into the wider business it is becoming today and for that I'd like to thank them.  I would highly recommend them. 

The unique professional powder compound covers the hair without stickiness or oil, it does not make you hair look dry or dull. A water resistant formula means that it will last in your hair until your next shampoo, you can  even still swim
. (from color wow copy)

Our online shop contains products and gift vouchers that are available in the salon, from ghd straighteners to Color Wow Root Touch up,  Besame  to gift vouchers Therefore if a client goes home and realises they have forgotten something, or wished they had purchased something whilst in salon we can send it out to them. This gives us an added service and we pride ourselves in putting our clients first at all times. 

Hot hair doesn’t have to mean the hottest temperatures. The ghd platinum® styles at the perfect heat to respect your hair from root to tip, reducing hair breakage by over 50%*.
(ghd official copy)
But our online shop isn't limited to existing clients. At Tip Top Hair Design we'd like our online shop to become known for being a reliable and safe place for everyone to purchase the products that we sell, a household name even, a 'go to' online store for the Midlands, then Countrywide!
Besame Cosmetics was created by Argentinean born Gabriela Hernandez, who moved to America at the age of 12 from Buenos Aires.
With reproductions of classics  from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, using innovative and cutting edge techniques that blend seamlessly with historical accuracy of makeup colours textures and packaging. This brand will help you to feel empowered, strong and stunningly beautiful.
(our own website)

I know this is a BIG dream but all dreams had to start somewhere, who knows maybe we'll be the amazon of the hair and beauty industry..... this will be possible with your help. Please share our post and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask, or if you'd like to see something in our online shop, let me know
Thank you so much for reading our latest edition of my blog.


  1. Thanks Jac, Always a pleasure! I spoke about you, your business and Besame during my network breakfast 10 minute presentation on Friday actually!


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