It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Prepare for Christmas Day

Today was the day, the day I had to tackle the dinning room.

I love having everyone christmas, I love feeling part of a big loving family, I love the cooking.

Christmas 2014

The bit that doesn't fill me with joy is changing the playroom, laundry room dumping room back into my sophisticated dinning room.  Today I did it,  I tried last week, and it ended in disaster, moving the sofa around to fit in the table ect. I managed to rip off an electric socket of the wall.  So I gave up.

Today I have humped a sofa up the stairs, dragged cupboards and battled spiders in the shed!

The room is now empty. (The garden table the only one big enough to fit us all around has to wait until it's a dry day.

2 trees are up, though my husband was moaning that we haven't got a real tree.  Pffft.

This year we are hopefully going to have the biggest family Christmas we have ever had and I can not wait. I know that I have a definite 9 coming for dinner but could have  up to a possible 16! And other friends coming for an open house, it's going to be FABULOUS. 

I may have to have 2 rooms and swap tables places between courses. Though that could be fun! I love
it and really don't cook for other people often enough. I would actually like to cook for that amount of
people. I hate to think of anyone on their own at christmas..

I know a few things for sure though, my dad will have a contented sleep on the sofa afterwards, my sister will escape  the washing up, my husband will want dinner 2 hours before it's ready AND insist on serving the food. We will eat our body weights in christmas goodness and drink mulled wine.

And I will feel very blessed. 


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