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My twin and I

Me myself my twin 

On my previous blog I started to tell you a little about myself, my driving force for the business and my family. I count myself as being incredibly lucky as I have a very close family, my Mum Dad and Sister are my best friends. My sister is more than that she is my identical twin, my double,  sometimes she drives me NUTS but I'm sure I do her too.

Above is one of my favourite pictures of us together when we were small, I think I love it because can really see our children in the photograph.

First day of school

My twin and I were very lucky. We both always new what we'd like to do when we grew up, I only ever remember Fiona saying she wanted to be a teacher as for me becoming a hairdresser was written in the stars,  even on my first day of school. When asked by my teacher what I'd like to do. Because I  was so upset I replied "put rollers in your hair". 

In some ways my twin and I are very different, from our hobbies and interests to our taste in music,  Fiona is very musical but I couldn't play a note on anything, I loved horses and rode into my 20s. Our school and further education were totally opposite too, Fiona studying A levels and going on to university becoming at teacher, I am so very proud of all she's achieved. Whilst I finished school at 16 starting in salon full time only days after my last GCSE into career I love never looking back. Completing NVQs level 2 and 3. 
We do however share a love of reading and generally like the same authors and genres. We love dancing too.

People often ask me. "What's it like having a twin"  my answer is "brilliant".  
I don't have any other siblings so I can not compare  but I wouldn't ever want it to be different, she is my BEST friend. 



  1. I was very moved reading this. I love my sister dearly, she is amazing and fabulous! I know that she is always there for me, through any crisis and moment of joy and appreciate it immensely.
    I not sure she knows how much she means to me and how I view see, she is fearless, she has an inner strength that I am in awe of. She expresses herself eloquently and speaks to strangers with an ease I can only dream of. I find it really hard approaching people I don't know - Jac makes it look effortless. She is passionate, beautiful, strong and wonderful. My life is richer for having her in it and I am blessed to have her as my twin. YES...she too drives me NUTS but through all the nuttiness we are there for each other and always will be.
    I love her xx

    Love you xx


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