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What an amazing year

What an absolutely amazing year. 

 It’s been a while since I wrote on the blog,  we’ve  been super super busy. Lizzie is growing into an amazing young woman. The salon has seen loved staff move on as new staff start. We’ve been to award ceremonies, holidays, worked many hours, decorated, and travelled the country with Lizzie in her new hobby shooting, Lizzie started adhd medication and has now stopped it for a while (more on that later) made new friends and sadly buried my much loved grandad, my husbands uncle  and too many friends, 2018 has been a tough one.

Salon news.  Towards the end of the summer into early autumn I decided to alter my hours working four long days and having Saturday’s off for the first time since I had Lizzie. Leaving the salon in the capable hands off Ruth my trusty manageress, and the lovely helen with Sarah working some Saturdays too. So far working 3 late nights is going well and I’m really enjoying my time off at the weekends with Lizzie and spending quality…

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